Strategic Plan 2012 - 2014

The AAHSL Board met in February 2012 to update the organization’s strategic plan for the years 2012-2014.  In discussions with members and among the Board along with comments and results from surveys, several themes were identified: member institutions will continue to experience rapid change; member institutions are now more different than similar to each other but there are core values which transcend the differences; and while there are many issues of importance to members, AAHSL as a volunteer organization does not have the capacity to address them all and must set priorities.

The organization’s Vision, Mission and Values statements from the 2009-2011 strategic plan were reviewed and found to still be relevant to its purpose and members’ priorities.

The Goals and Objectives, were updated to reflect the changing nature and roles of member libraries and to focus AAHSL’s priorities and resources into three areas for the benefit of the membership for the next three years. 

Goals and Objectives

A)  Promote the development and success of AAHSL members through the pursuit of major initiatives of importance to academic health sciences libraries.

  1. Define core values of academic health sciences libraries
  2. Define, model and promote new roles for libraries
  3. Revamp the annual statistics to include outcome and return on investment measures, as well as new ways to assess and evaluate, and support the value of libraries
  4. Identify new ways to bring members together for education and to share ideas on “hot topics” throughout the year
  5. Support emerging and new academic health sciences libraries
  6. Continue to review and update the leadership curriculum to ensure it remains relevant to leadership roles in health sciences libraries.

B)  Strengthen AAHSL by developing programs and an infrastructure that supports the work of its members on behalf of the association

  1. Develop an orientation for new members and committee chairs
  2. Revise the AAHSL website and establish other dynamic communication tools 

C)  Establish strategic partnerships for advocating the value of academic health sciences libraries with external groups that further or align with AAHSL’s priorities.

  1. Leverage partnerships with:
    a. additional AAMC groups
    b. other professional organizations, such as health professional education as well as library associations.
  2. Advocate with the National Library of Medicine the changing role of and need for the RML in the future
  3. Influence and contribute to national health and information policies

AAHSL supports academic health sciences libraries in advancing the patient care, research, education and community service missions of academic health centers through visionary executive leadership and expertise in health information, scholarly communication, and knowledge management.

AAHSL promotes the success of its members through relevant programming and services; benchmarking; advocacy; partnerships with like-minded organizations; and the development of a community of colleagues.

As an organization, AAHSL values:
Innovation: developing and adopting new and relevant approaches to emerging and ongoing challenges

Inclusivity: promoting, providing, and projecting a positive, supportive and safe environment, and welcoming an atmosphere of cultural differences and comprehensive participation

Collaboration and partnerships:  building strong foundations of collegiality and cooperation with other organizations to achieve common goals

Advocacy: speaking out with a credible voice to influence policy decisions and outcomes that benefit the common good

Integrity: acting honestly and ethically to make decisions that are trusted by the membership and our partners

Transparency:  conducting association business, programs, and planning in an open and visible manner

Agility: striving for nimbleness and the ability to act quickly, change direction and embrace opportunities

Open-mindedness: exploring new and diverse ideas, opinions, and strategies that assist the association in meeting its goals