The AAHSL Cornerstone Award


The Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries (AAHSL) Cornerstone Award is given to an individual, group, or institution selected by the association's Board of Directors. The award is given for a notable or important contribution made during the most recent four years that has assisted AAHSL in achieving its mission or had significant impact on the profession of academic health sciences librarianship.


  • 2014: Mary Langman
  • 2013:¬†Carolyn Lipscomb
  • 2012; Dr. Donald A. Lindberg
  • 2011: Gary Byrd, PhD.
  • 2010: Carol Jenkins
  • 2009: Tony Mazzaschi
  • 2007: Wayne Peay
  • 2006: Betsy Humphreys


Both AAHSL members and non-members may be considered for the award

The award may be given to:

  • An individual (member or non-member),
  • Informal or formal group working on a project or activity (committee, task force, ad working group, team, etc), or
  • An institution (library, university, or association)

To be recognized by this award, contributions must:

  • Have had a significant impact on the achievement of AAHSL goals or the implementation of AAHSL initiatives,
  • Or furthered the field of academic health sciences librarianship. [Examples: advocacy on a national level, contributing to the knowledge-base, developing innovative programs, or influencing information policies and trends]

The activities and contributions must have occurred within the most recent four calendar years.


The award is given at the discretion of the Board and is given only when there is evidence of a significant contribution and not on an annual basis

The Board may determine that no award should be given during a year.

If awarded, only one will be given per year.


Multiple awards for the same contribution or continuation of the contribution will not be presented.


The following steps are followed for nomination, review and selection of recipients:

  • An annual notice is sent out to AAHSL members after the annual meeting calling for nominations. Reminders are sent our in late February or March.
  • AAHSL members and the Board members submit nominations for the award by sending a letter (electronically) stating the person's name, institutional affiliation, description of the contribution and its relevance or importance to AAHSL, and why this contribution justifies recognition through this award. Self-nominations are welcome.
  • All nominations are due by April 30. Nominations are sent electronically to the Association office for redistribution to Board.
  • Nominations will be reviewed by the Board to determine whether an award should be granted and to select the recipient. The Board will review the nominations and select a recipient before June 1.
  • The AAHSL President will notify the recipient(s) by the end of June. A letter announcing the award will also go to institutional officials.
  • The official presentation of the award will occur at the annual business meeting during the AAMC meeting.

The Award

Recipients will receive a distinctive award chosen by the Board inscribed with:

  • Name of Recipient or Group Name
  • The name of the award
  • Year Presented

Publicity about the award recipient will be sent to the various library associations and posted on the AAHSL Web site.


If you require assistance or have questions regarding submissions contact the AAHSL Executive Director.