2019 AAHSL Annual Meeting

Educational Program

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About the Program

Refilling Your Cup

The 2019 education program will feature UNLV faculty Annie Weisman, PhD presenting an overview of burnout & resilience along with the current research and literature related to both. She will discuss how we notice it in our bodies, in our workplaces, and in your organizations. Dr. Weisman will address common signs and symptoms of burnout. She will teach the group several mind/body techniques they can use to regulate their nervous system. A discussion will follow on how we can change the norms and what we are modeling. We will talk about how we deserve to take the time to feed and water ourselves, get some sunlight, use the restroom, sleep and move our bodies. Strategies will be discussed to implement regular self-care into our everyday lives.

About the Presenter

Anne E. (Annie) Weisman, Ph.D., M.P.H., L.M.T.
Director of Wellness & Integrative Medicine
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada

Anne Weisman specializes in integrating massage therapy and other integrative practices into the care and treatment of patients. As the school’s Director of Wellness & Integrative Medicine she will develop the school’s wellness and integrative medicine curriculum and workshops for students, faculty and residents.

Weisman has spent more than a decade caring for people living with HIV/AIDS, and working with hospice patients. She also has developed continuing medical education classes for nurses and other health care providers on how to incorporate non-pharmacological techniques such as massage therapy, aromatherapy and energy work in patient care.

She was awarded the Jefferson Award for Public Service for her volunteering as a massage therapist for HIV/AIDS patients in 2007. Weisman also presented her research on the healing power of touch, particularly for hospice & HIV/AIDS patients at the Nevada Public Health Association and American Public Health Association annual conferences. She was chosen to represent her research at the Clinton Global Initiative University 2010 at the University in Miami to advocate for massage therapy and building touch into patient care.

She earned her BA in Communication Studies, MPH in Public Health and PhD degrees from UNLV.

  • Expert Areas
  • Massage therapy
  • Social & Behavioral Health
  • Health and wellness
  • Hospice
  • Energy work