President's Message

Stephanie Fulton, MSIS, AHIP, FMLA
AAHSL President 2023-2024
Associate University Librarian
Texas A&M University 



December 15, 2023

Greetings from College Station, Texas! I am excited as I begin my year as your AAHSL President. 

AAHSL November 2023 Recap

It was wonderful to see and talk to so many AAHSL colleagues in Seattle. As we have all become accustomed, our Program and Education Committee delivered another excellent day of learning and networking. 

Thank you again to our panel of Barbara Kern (UChicago); Len Levin (Harvard); Chris Shaffer (UCSF) for furthering the discussion on transformative agreements. As one of the 44 Texas libraries in the Texas Library Coalition for United Action , it was a good reminder that we are all at different places at our campuses and libraries with open science and publishing. There is not one right place to be, other than in the conversation. 

AAHSL members can watch the recorded AAHSL/GIR Matheson Lecture from Chirag Shah, PhD, from the 2023 Annual Meeting in Seattle. 

Thank you to AAHSL committee chairs and members. There was so much energy and discussion at these Round Tables. If you were unable to attend the meeting or only had the opportunity to sit at one table, check out the AAHSL Committees webpage for the rosters, charges, and annual reports. The call for volunteers is in the summer and new appointments start after the annual meeting. 

Oppenheimer Cornerstone Award

The 2023 Oppenheimer Cornerstone Award winner was the Osteopathic Membership Task Force. The task force members were: Lori Fitterling, Sandra Franklin, Joanne Muellenbach, and Stephanie Ferretti. An excerpt from a nomination letter highlights the impact of the work of this task force: 

They studied the issue and recommended that COM libraries be given full member status. While this only affected a minority of members, it has given several COM libraries the ability to participate fully within the AAHSL structure, bringing more diversity of perspective and lived experience into AAHSL as an organization. Among the criteria for the Cornerstone Award are efforts or contributions that have had a significant impact on AAHSL. Noting the longstanding separations that have existed between osteopathic and allopathic teaching and provider communities, this act of coming together in partnership in light of shared interests and goals is historic in the legacy of AAHSL.


Pictured from left to right: Joanne Muellenbach, Lori Fitterling, Sandra Franklin, and Stephanie Ferretti 

NLM/AAHSL Fellows Program 

The NLM/AAHSL Fellows Program is now entering its 21st year. I invite everyone to join me in another round of applause for this remarkable program that continues to shape our leaders. Rose Bland provided an excellent tribute that I wanted to share with you all: 

“As we gathered to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate our profession, let’s take a moment to observe a wonderful milestone – the 20th anniversary of the NLM/AAHSL Leadership Fellows Program
To date, there have been 107 fellows in the program of which 63% became or are currently AAHSL directors.
For two decades, this program has nurtured the growth of future leaders in our field. This accomplishment is due to the work of our passionate colleagues who started the program and those who continue to support it. To the NLM/AAHSL Leadership Fellows Program and everyone who helped make a premier leadership program, here’s to two decades of excellence and to many more years of continued success. Cheers!”


Thank you, Rose, and all who have participated as a learner, mentor, or educator. 

Looking ahead

Planning is underway for the virtual business meeting and in-person annual meeting in Atlanta, GA. In 2024 we are piloting an additional half-day of content based on feedback provided over the last few years. So, mark your calendars for all members educational program for AAHSL 2024 to start the afternoon of Thursday, November 6, 2024.

Another significant project for the coming year is the reworking of the MLA/AAHSL Joint Legislation Committee. As many of you know, Mary Langman is retiring from MLA this month. She has been the engine behind the advocacy work during her 34-year career. Several meetings have taken place this fall to bring MLA and AAHSL leadership together to discuss moving to a new model. I have asked Darell Schmick to serve as the AAHSL point person for this transition. Along with Darell, Melissa De Santis and Jill Deaver are serving as the AAHSL committee members. We are fortunate to have Maggie Ansell as the chair of the committee this year to bring her wealth of knowledge and expertise to help guide our next steps. 


Peace to all as we enter 2024!