Awards and Scholarships

The Gerald J. Oppenheimer Cornerstone Award

The Gerald J. Oppenheimer Cornerstone Award is presented at the annual meeting each year. 

The Cornerstone Award, named in honor of Gerald J. Oppenheimer, the inaugural president of the Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries (AAHSL), is given to an individual, group, or institution selected by the association's Board of Directors. The award is given for a notable or important contribution that has assisted AAHSL in achieving its mission or had a significant impact on the profession of academic health sciences librarianship. 

 Matheson Lecture

The AAHSL/GIR Nina Matheson Lecture is presented at the annual meeting each year. 

The Matheson Lecture honors AAHSL past-president Nina Matheson for her significant contributions to the fields of medical informatics and medical librarianship. "Academic Information in the Academic Health Sciences Center" which Nina co-authored with John Cooper, and "Physicians of the 21st Century" (the GPEP Report) are recognized as seminal works on the integration of health sciences information systems. 

NLM/AAHSL Leadership Fellows Program

In response to the confirmed need for future leadership, the NLM/AAHSL Leadership Fellows Program is focused on preparing leaders for the position of library director in academic health sciences libraries.

AAHSL Leadership Diversity Scholarships

The Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries is pleased to announce the availability of AAHSL Leadership Diversity Scholarships. The scholarships support career development opportunities for persons from diverse and under-represented racial and ethnic backgrounds who are interested in leadership roles at all levels in academic health sciences libraries. The scholarships are also designed to increase the diversity of leaders in health sciences libraries, strengthen the profession’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity, and develop a more diverse pool of new and emerging library leaders. These scholarships are part of the continuum of AAHSL leadership programs.

AAHSL/NNLM Data Scholarships

AAHSL Data Scholarships support career development opportunities for persons interested in honing their data management and analysis skills to better support their library. They may be used for participation in established educational programs or for individually designed learning opportunities. Reports from recipients evaluate their experience and indicate programs supported in the past.