AAHSL FLC - New Director Buddy Program

AAHSL’s Future Leadership Committee (FLC) is launching a program to welcome new directors to AAHSL! Through the New Director Buddy Program, we hope to ensure that our new colleagues quickly learn about AAHSL and how to become involved in the association, as well as begin building a professional network of peers.

The “buddy program” will pair new directors with established AAHSL directors.  The “buddies” can meet virtually through Zoom or phone calls or face-to-face when those meetings are feasible.  Below is more information about expectations for the role of the established directors serving as a buddy.

If you are a new director and want to be paired with a “buddy” please contact Pat Thibodeau, [email protected] with your name and contact information (email, phone, institution).

If you are willing to be a buddy to a new director, please send your contact information to Pat Thibodeau as well.

The buddy who is an established director will help the new director learn about AAHSL and how to become more active and integrated into its activities, by delving into such topics as:

  • What is AAHSL? Membership, statistics, annual meeting, Website, etc.   
  • How to become involved?  Committees, task forces, meetings, etc. Consider inviting them to a task force or committee meeting.
  • Usefulness of the AAHSL email discussion lists.
  • Issues, trends, and initiatives they should be aware of.
  • Answering any questions about AAHSL or an HSL director’s role.
  • Introducing them to other AAHSL members when opportunities arise, especially when at AAHSL meetings that are in-person or through online gatherings.

While not intended as a formal mentoring program, the paired buddies may decide to move to a more traditional mentoring relationship on their own.

As new directors are announced the FLC will pair the new person with a volunteer from the buddy list providing brief introductions to both.

Once paired, the buddies decide how to connect with each other and how frequently. 

Our hope is that new directors will find it easier to become an integral part of the HSL director network and find support and guidance as they begin their new position.

Please contact Pat Thibodeau, [email protected], if you have any questions!

Announced by AAHSL Future Leadership Committee.