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President, AAHSL 2010-2011 and
Associate Dean of Library Services
Duke University


Final President Message

November 28, 2011

This is my final “president’s message” as I step back into my new role of immediate past president.

I thought the AAHSL sessions this year were excellent!  The workshop on Saturday provided me with more insight into data issues, and the hot topic presentations gave me information on initiatives that other libraries were pursuing and lots of food for thought.  Dr. Tom Cech, our Matheson lecturer, underscored the issues facing researchers as they now generate petabytes of data, which are difficult for the “human filters” to use and comprehend.  Not I am not sure I am ready to comprehend the “brontobytes” of data that face us in the future.

We had a great strategic planning discussion with committee chairs starting us on a new planning pathway, had a fun lunch with our new and interim directors, met our new leadership fellows, and then heard about new tools we can use with our statistical data.    The committee reports at the annual business meeting highlighted just how much AAHSL has accomplished this past year.  We also had the opportunity to recognize Gary Byrd, recipient of the AAHSL Cornerstone Award, for his work as chair of the Assessment and Statistics Committee and CAS representative over the years.  .  

The AAMC meeting as always gave us lots to think about as well.  It was wonderful to hear Dr. Darrell Kirch mention libraries (University of Central Florida in particular) as he talked about change and the need for innovation.  Libraries were mentioned as partners at other sessions as well, including the Academic Medicine Question of the Year, where AAHSL was so well represented by Mary Moore.

I want to thank everyone for their support over the past year!

Special thanks to Connie Poole who helped guide me through my duties, and Gary Freiburger who dove right into the issues and activities as president-elect.  Sandra, Jett, and MJ, the other AAHSL board members provided me with lots of guidance and helped the association work through new opportunities as well as issues.  They have been a terrific Board over the past year!   Now MJ will be rejoining the board as president-elect and Neil Rambo is the new member-at-large creating a truly strong leadership group for the coming year.

Many thanks to those who pulled me aside for discussions or contacted me throughout the year about AAHSL priorities and activities.

I have really enjoyed serving as president and thank you for the opportunity, and I look forward to working with everyone over the coming year!

Have a great holiday season!
Pat Thibodeau