AAHSL Leadership Scholarships

The Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries is pleased to announce the availability of AAHSL Leadership Scholarships. The scholarships support career development opportunities for persons interested in leadership roles at all levels in academic health sciences libraries. Scholarship awards, in amounts up to $2500, may be used for participation in established educational programs or for individually designed learning opportunities.  

Please note: the Leadership Scholarship Program is on hiatus.  Check back here for future updates.

2017 AAHSL Leadership Scholarship awardees:

Emily Glenn, University of Nebraska Medical Center Library
Melissa Haendel, PhD, Oregon Health Sciences University
Anna Krampl, Skelton Medical Library, Mercer University
Mellanye Lackey, Eccles Library, University of Utah
Robyn Rosasco, Maguire Library, Florida State University

The Harvard Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians was selected by four of the recipients.

The recipients were selected as part of a competitive process, with the largest number of applicants in a decade. AAHSL Leadership Scholarships support career development opportunities for persons interested in leadership roles in academic health sciences libraries. Their institutions share in the costs of supporting participation in the programs. The scholarships are part of the continuum of AAHSL leadership programs. 

On behalf of the Future Leadership Committee, our gratitude to all of the applicants and our best wishes to the scholarship awardees for a rewarding experience.

Applicant Eligibility

Candidates should be employed in a professional position in an AAHSL member library (full or associate member) and have an MLS or comparable graduate degree.

As the scholarships are part of the continuum of AAHSL programs to offer opportunities for persons at different points in their careers, former fellows in the NLM/AAHSL Leadership Fellows Program are not eligible.

Persons holding director positions should consider application to the AAHSL New Directors Symposium as appropriate and are not eligible for scholarships.


Please note: the Leadership Scholarship Program is on hiatus.  Check back here for future updates.

Applications should be submitted to AAHSL at [email protected].  Applicants should submit:

  • Letter (maximum of one page) with the following information:
  • description of the career development opportunity in which they are interested (including the URL for an established program),
  • dates of participation,
  • whether they have been accepted by the program, if applicable,
  • purpose of funds (itemized list of amounts for tuition, travel, or other expenses),
  • their goals in participating in the opportunity, and
  • specific career goals and how it will help them reach them.
  • CV
  • Letter from their library director indicating support for participation in the program and how it will further the leadership skills of the applicant.

The Selection Committee will judge the value and quality of the proposed activity in developing the leadership ability of the applicant. To maximize the number of scholarships, individuals may be asked to supplement funding with institutional support.

Leadership Scholarship applicants are encouraged to plan ahead since programs may require registration well in advance. Awards can be made conditionally if applicants wish to use the scholarship as an indication of support for their applications to competitive career development programs.

Out-of-Cycle Applications
The Selection Committee recognizes that in certain instances the Leadership Scholarship deadlines may not synchronize with the application deadlines of suitable leadership programs in which an applicant may be interested. In such instances, the applicant should immediately notify the AAHSL Office at [email protected] of his/her intent to seek out-of cycle consideration for a Leadership Scholarship by the selection committee. Effective January 1, 2015, the Committee will consider such requests on a limited basis.



Persons awarded scholarships must complete the program within a twelve-month period. At the conclusion, a brief report evaluating the program and its benefit to them and other potential leaders is required. Programs supported by AAHSL Leadership Scholarships in the past, as well as reports from participants, may be consulted and can be found here:

AAHSL Leadership Scholarship Reports