Leadership Fellows 2011-2012


L to R: Jim Bothmer, Connie Poole, Jennifer McKinnell, Jeff Williams, Martha Earl, Cynthia Robinson, Shannon Jones, Kenny Marone, Evelyn Morgen, Doug Varner


Martha F. Earl
Assistant Director
Preston Medical Library
University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine, Knoxville
     Mentor: Connie Poole
     Associate Dean for Information Resources and
     Chair, Information and Communication Sciences
     School of Medicine Library
     Southern Illinois University

Shannon D. Jones
Associate Director, Research and Education
Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences
Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries
     Mentor: R. Kenny Marone
     Director, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
     Associate University Librarian for School and Department Libraries
     Yale University

Jennifer McKinnell
Head of Public Services
Health Sciences Library
McMaster University
     Mentor: Cynthia Robinson
     Director, George T. Harrell Health Sciences Library
     Hershey Medical Center
     Penn State College of Medicine

Douglas L. Varner
Senior Associate Director/Chief Biomedical Informationist
Dahlgren Memorial Library
Georgetown University Medical Center
     Mentor: Evelyn B. Morgen
     Director, Lyman Maynard Stowe Library
     University of Connecticut Health Center

Jeffrey D. Williams
Associate Director, Research and Education Services
Health Sciences Libraries
New York University
     Mentor: A. James Bothmer
     Associate Vice President for Health Sciences and
     Director, Health Sciences Library
     Creighton University